Board of Directors

Board of Directors

  • Chadd Radke – Corporate Governance
  • Ted K. Cantlon – Compensation / Audit
  • Tom Ellis – Independent Board Member/ Corporate Governance
  • Greg McCallum Independent Board Member/ Corporate Governance


Theodore K. Cantlon has been in the securities industry for over 38 years, both in the capacity as an Investment Advisor and consulting to private/public companies regarding capital raising, as well as corporate finance and capital re-organization since 1991.  Ted will act as an Advisor to the project, complementing the skills of the Board of Directors and senior Management.

Ted graduated from Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Business Administration, with a major in Marketing & Finance in 1971.
Chadd Radke has over 18 years of success in the oilfield services industry, in the capacity of Senior Manager, building Teams that have consistently achieved and surpassed performance goals; ranging from specialized equipment (methanol injection pumps), compression technologies, as well as drilling mud services and SAGD applications, and additionally, a successful business background in start-up situations. Chadd has worked internationally and brings a unique perspective to the project in terms of organizational abilities as well as a very strong work ethic.  His communication skills and dedication to setting and achieving goals will ensure the success of this venture.

Chadd graduated with a degree in Business Specialization – Risk Management/Global Business in 1994 from University of Bern,

Mr. Tom Ellis sat the position as Senior Advisor to the Board until just recently. Mr. Ellis, with over 20 years of business, operations, management and leadership experience focused on strategic planning in each discipline. Mr. Ellis has joined the Board on Business related Corporate Governance decisions as well as looking after community affairs. Tom and his family have resided in Calgary since 1986 and is involved in numerous community and corporate organizations.

Mr. Greg McCallum is an accomplished senior business leader with 15+ years’ experience with a leading national telecommunications company.  Mr. McCallum will serve as an Independent Director serving on the Corporate Governance Committee and his experience will be a benefit to our organization.  Greg and his family reside in Calgary, AB and he continues to hold executive responsibility with various community endeavors.


Advisors to the Board

  • Hans Heumann, senior oil and gas executive with over 30 years of experience in the energy sector
  • W. Scott Jamieson, P.Geoph. – Senior Geophysical Advisor
  • Bernie Delorme, Senior Seismic Advisor with thirty years industry experience including exploration and development
  • Brett Sutter,  Investor Relations/ Community Affairs Committee
  • Pete Vandermeer, Investor Relations/ Community Affairs Committee



The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing and enforcing all significant management decisions of the Corporation.There are currently five (5) members on the Board and six (6) Advisors to the Board.. Please visit the Officers section of this website for the names and biographical information of the members. The Board of Directors in consultation with its Advisors, set objectives for the Corporation and monitor the management of its business with the goal of achieving the Corporation’s principal objectives in the best interest of the shareholders.



These terms of reference are prepared to assist the Board of Directors (the “Board”) and management in clarifying responsibilities between the Board and management. The fundamental responsibility of the Board is to appoint a competent senior management team and to oversee the management of the business, with a view to maximizing shareholder value and ensuring corporate conduct in an ethical and legal manner via an appropriate system of corporate governance and internal control process and procedures. The Board is responsible for the stewardship of Stormhold Energy Ltd. (the “Corporation”).


A. The Board shall be composed of not fewer than three directors, and not more than the maximum number of directors allowed by the articles of the Corporation. The specific number of directors shall be set by the Board of the Corporation in accordance with the articles of the Corporation and subject to the approvals granted by the shareholders of the Corporation. The Board shall have two (2) independent directors who are free from any direct or indirect relationship that, in the Board’s view, would or could reasonably interfere with the exercise of his or her independent judgment.

B. The Board shall meet at least four times each year. The Chairman may call additional meetings as required. In addition, a meeting may be called by the President and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), any member of the Board or any committee of the Board or as otherwise provided by law.

C. The Board shall have the right to determine who shall and who shall not be present at any time during a Board meeting. The President and Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of the Corporation are expected to be available to attend the Board meetings or portions thereof.

D. The members of the Board shall be appointed following shareholder approval, where a vacancy occurs at any time in the membership of the Board, the Board may fill it. In addition, in accordance with the Corporation’s articles and by-laws and applicable law, a majority of the Board may appoint additional directors to the Board between shareholder meetings.

E. The Board shall be given access to senior management of the Corporation’s subsidiaries and documents as required to fulfill its responsibilities and shall be provided with the resources necessary to carry out its responsibilities.

F. The Chairman of the Board shall not have a casting vote in addition to his or her regular vote.

G. The secretary to the Board shall be either the Corporate Secretary or his or her delegate.

H. Board meetings may be held in person, by video conference, by means of telephone or by a combination of the foregoing.

I. Notice of the time and place of each meeting shall be given in writing, or by facsimile to each member of the Board at least 48 hours prior to the time fixed for such meeting. Any member may, in any manner, waive notice of the meeting. Attendance of a member at a meeting shall constitute waiver of notice of the meeting except where a member attends the meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business on the grounds that the meeting was not lawfully called.

J. A majority of members, present in person or by video conference, telephone or combination thereof, shall constitute a quorum.

K. All members of the Board are expected to allow sufficient time to review meeting materials and be prepared for Board meetings. Members are expected to attend most, if not all, Board meetings.


A. Managing the Affairs of the Board

The Board operates by delegating certain of its authorities, including pending authorizations, to committees of the Board and to management and by reserving certain powers to itself. The Board is responsible for managing its own affairs, including:

i. planning its composition and size;

ii. selecting its Chair;

iii. nominating candidates for election to the Board;

iv. appointing committees and approving their respective mandates and the limits of authority delegated to each committee; and

v. approving and directing the implementation of corporate governance practices and procedures aimed at having independent, informed oversight by Board members of management and management’s conduct of the business of the Corporation and its subsidiaries, including the approval of the terms of reference for the Board and its subcommittees. In conjunction with the Governance and Nominating Committee, the Board will annually assess its performance and that of its subcommittees.

B. Management and Human Resources

The Board has the responsibility for:

i. the appointment of and succession planning relating to the President and CEO, establishing objectives of the CEO and assessing the CEO against such objectives, monitoring CEO performance generally and approving the CEO’s compensation. The Board may delegate the committee of the Board;

ii. determining the appointment and termination of senior management and reviewing the recommendations or determinations made by the Compensation Committee relating to the recruitment, training, development, assessment and compensation of senior management;

iii. overseeing management’s compliance with any code of business conduct or ethics policies that may be adopted by the Board from time to time for the Corporation and its subsidiaries; and

iv. to the extent feasible, satisfying the Board as to the integrity of the CEO and other executive officers and that the CEO and other executives create a culture of integrity throughout the organization.

C. Strategy and Plans

The Board has the responsibility to:

i. adopt a strategic planning process and, at least annually, approve the Corporation’s strategic plan which takes into account, among other things, the opportunities and risks of the business;

ii. approve annual capital and operating budgets;

iii. oversee the performance of the Corporation against the strategic and operating plans; and

iv. approve material divestitures and acquisitions, the determination of materiality to be established by the Board and revised from time to time.

D. Financial, Risk Management and Corporate Issues

The Board has the responsibility to:

i. review and oversee management, and with input from the Audit Committee, in developing systems and processes to monitor the principal risks of the Corporation’s business and specifically, to direct management to identify the principal risks of the Corporation’s business and to implement appropriate systems to monitor and manage these risks. In particular, the Board will review policies and practices with respect to trading and hedging activities and consider the results of any reviews of these areas by the external auditors or third party consultants as well as the controls relating to the use of trading and hedging activities as they relate to the significant business risks and uncertainties for the Corporation and its subsidiaries;

ii. review insurance coverage of significant business risks and uncertainties;

iii. with input from the Audit Committee of the Board, take reasonable steps, in conjunction with management, to direct the implementation and integrity of the Corporation’s internal control and management information systems;

iv. declare dividends, if any;

v. establish limits of authority delegated to management; and

vi. review and approve the annual financial statements and management discussion and analysis for the Corporation and its subsidiaries and to either review and approve the unaudited interim financial statements and management discussion and analysis for the Corporation and its subsidiaries.

E. Compliance Reporting and Corporate Communications

The Board has the responsibility to direct management to:

i. implement appropriate communication processes and measures with shareholders and other stakeholders and financial, regulatory and other recipients;

ii. report the financial performance of the Corporation to shareholders, other security holders and regulators on a timely and regular basis and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applicable laws;

iii. through the Reserves and HS&E Committee, oversee and direct the evaluation of the oil and gas reserves of the Corporation and its subsidiaries and to monitor the disclosure regarding such reserves. The Board shall approve the reports to be filed with the applicable securities commissions regarding the reserves of the Corporation and its subsidiaries;

iv. report in a timely fashion developments that have a significant and material impact on the Corporation;

v. report annually to shareholders on the Board’s stewardship for the preceding year (the Annual Report or Management Information Circular)

vi. approve the holding and date of shareholder meetings; and

vii. engage, where necessary, external advisors and experts in assisting the Board in determining any risks or major issues facing the Corporation or its subsidiaries or the Board.

The Board of Directors of Stormhold Energy Ltd. Is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Daniel R. Horner as Senior Corporate Counsel to the company effective May 2, 2012.



Bachelor of Commerce (Finance),
University of Saskatchewan, 1991
Bachelor of Laws,
University of Saskatchewan, 1992
Called to the Alberta Bar: 1993  



Chairs Scott Venturo LLP’s Corporate Commercial Department

Currently corporate counsel for various private and public corporations and charitable organizations

Sits as a Member of the Board of Directors on behalf of a variety of Corporations

Lecturer in Civil Procedure at the Bar Admission Course


Daniel (Dan) Horner obtained his law degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1992. Upon graduation, he articled with a prominent firm in Calgary, completing his articles and remained an associate there until 1996 after which he joined Scott Venturo LLP. Mr. Horner became a partner in 2000.

Dan has a sound corporate business sense. His corporate practice encompasses everything from simple incorporations to negotiating, structuring and financing complicated corporate mergers and acquisitions. His experience includes securities matters, primarily in the exempt market. He provides excellent strategic business planning advice to his clients and ensures his clients’ corporate governance requirements are met. He has had a wide range of experience in preparing corporate documents, including asset purchase and share purchase agreements, partnership agreements, amalgamation agreements, consulting agreements, corporate finance documents, commercial leases, employment and franchise agreements. He also deals with intellectual property issues, including trade-mark applications and is a Trade Mark Agent. He has substantial experience with a variety of real estate and development transactions.

He represents the firm within Mackrell International, one of the world’s major networks of over 60 independent law firms that have more than 100 offices on five continents.


Calgary Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association

Member of the Canadian Bar Association, Securities and Business Law Subsections 

Also, we are pleased to announce three (2)  appointments to sit independently and assist with Stormhold Energy Ltd’s Corporate Governance starting January 16, 2012.  

  • Mr. Al Friesen , CA has accepted the position as Senior Financial Advisor to the Board. Mr. Friesen has over 35 years of Corporate Financial experience both with private and public oil and gas companies. Mr. Friesen will advise the board on all major financial decisions. Mr. Al Friesen will forward quarterly financials as well as quarterly MD & A reports ‘Management Discussion and Analysis’. Among other things, the MD&A provides an overview of operations and outlines the previous year and current operating strategy.


The Board of Directors of Stormhold Energy Ltd. is pleased to announce Mr. Bernie Delorme has accepted a position on our Advisory Board.

Mr. Bernie DeLorme has over thirty years of industry experience which includes General Manager with LRS Canada (Litton Resource Systems) that developed and marketed high technology products for exploration and development. Director of Marketing for Scientific Software and Teknica Resource Development providing geophysical, geological and reservoir development software and services to E and P companies.

Bernie is the co-founder of CCSVI Calgary Society a volunteer non-profit group. Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) is a recently discovered medical condition linked to many neurological diseases and symptoms with previously unknown origins including MS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

“Bernie is an active member of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) and a Geophysical and Hydrodynamic Data Consultant.”