President’s Message

Our Valued Shareholders, Partners, Family and Friends                       12/15/2017

Merry Christmas/ Happy 2018 New Year!

As we are soon to close out 2017 we need to gracefully respect the past 12 months as they have been nothing short of the most intense challenge to date.

While looking back, we all have frustrations, emotions and the uncontrollable urge to question the outlook for the Oil and Gas industry we invested our time and energy in.  Yet when we struggle with frustrating feelings, we need to push ourselves to vent that emotion toward other more productive and positive pursuits.

This time of year, and throughout the year, in my opinion we need to reflect on what we still do have, rather than what we may want.  During the holiday season, look around and see the people you care for, your family and friends that are with you, behind you, and support you regardless of your circumstance.

This is the time to respect and give all you can to the people you call close.

Stormhold Energy still faces challenges ahead of us, yet we will do everything within our power to keep going, as we always do.  2018 is our time!

From my Family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Chadd Radke, President and CEO

Stormhold Energy Ltd.