Mission Statement

Our mission at Stormhold Energy Ltd. is to build shareholder value by utilizing modern technology advances, specifically, horizontal drilling and multi-fracturing methods – exploiting low risk-opportunities.  We act responsibility and ethically towards all stakeholders and those who work with us.  In addition, we strive to be a respected and valued partners of the business community.


 Core Values

•  Accountability- Responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of our shareholders and families.

 •  Commitment-Commitment to our fellow employees and the growth of our company.

 •  Integrity-To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.

 •  Respect-Giving respect to others while implementing our vision.

 •  Safety- Ensuring the safety of all people involved within our company and communities.


Stormhold Energy Ltd. has brought together an experienced, proven management team and a Board of Directors with significant industry experience in several key, professional disciplines. This Team is committed to maximizing capital growth for our shareholders; through hard work and prudent management of resources. Our Mission is to create a business model that will generate above average returns and build a Company we are all proud to be a part, both in the community and organization.