Environmental & Safety

Environmental Statement

Stormhold Energy Ltd., its management and employees are acutely aware of the sensitive ecological nature of the Central Alberta region, its primary area of operations. All the Company’s projects undergo rigorous screening, to mitigate environmental impact.


Safety Manual Overview

Stormhold Energy Ltd.  is dedicated to conducting all activities with respect to the Health and Safety of our employees and other persons, paying due regard to the protection of the environment.

All levels of management are responsible and held accountable for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment through the utilization of proper procedures, adequate training, applicable legislation and regulations for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba.

Stormhold Energy Ltd employees will be aware of and comply with relevant health and safety legislation, environmental protection plans as well as established company rules and procedures; and will conduct their work activities with the greatest regard for the safety of co-workers.

Stormhold Energy Ltd will achieve health and safety excellence and optimum environmental protection through on-going education, training, strategic planning and strong management, keeping in mind that all incidents are preventable.

Stormhold Energy Ltd is dedicated to safety and health. Our “Number One” priority is the protection of the most valuable asset that we have; our people. The company safety program is designed to protect personnel as well as the general public.

QA/QC Manual Overview/ Stormhold Energy Ltd ensures

• Our unsurpassed safety standards

• A superior management team

• Fully qualified operators


Stormhold Energy Ltd.  Corporate Drug and Alcohol Policy

  • No employee will operate a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • All employees are required to comply with the Stormhold Energy Ltd.   Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  • The Company is committed to maintaining a productive, safe, and healthy work environment.

Stormhold Energy Ltd realizes that the misuse of drugs and alcohol impairs employee health and productivity. Drug and alcohol problems result in unsafe working conditions for all employees and services.


Stormhold HSE Policy