Deeper Formation Exploration

Exploration & Development of Deeper Formations (Beaverhill Lake, Elk Point, Cambrian and Granite Wash).  These deeper formations are present across virtually all of Stormhold’s leases. Extensive technical analysis has been done on the Stormhold Cambrian test well at 1-2-6-34-37-17 W4 and on three wells previously drilled to a Cambrian TVD with oil, well log, rock analysis and core analysis being extremely positive.

Well Log, Oil and Rock Analysis on results from Stormhold’s 102-6-34-37-17W4 well indicate that the Upper Cambrian Deadwood has 140 meters of conventional net pay as well as oil shales and are potentially producible source rock for medium grade oil.  A 700m horizontal reentry into the well is planned for the 102-6-34 well that will penetrate and test-produce a potential of over 600 meters of conventional net pay from the Deadwood formation.


Stormhold’s initial research of oil analyses also disclosed nearby occurrences of light and very light oil which may have migrated up from below the depth reached in the 6-34 location.  A Pre-Cambrian test well is planned at 2-2-38-17W4 location to evaluate both the lower Cambrian and basal Granite Wash as potential medium, light or very light oil reservoirs. Drilling using underbalanced vertical wells will be focused on areas with large net pay zones of uplifted and highly fractured sandstone, siltstone and shale. Further potential exists using long reach horizontal drilling and 20 stage fracture completions in areas with tighter, less fractured, pay zones.